Ann Ward - Vogue Italia Beauty in Vogue Cover Confirmed

Credit: Vogue Italia

Confirming the cover now, with the May issue of Vogue Italia out it is safe to say this is Ann Ward's Beauty in Vogue Cover.

I am somewhat disappointed that it is a shot from her Vogue Italia spread, but heck Ward looks good so that's the important thing. Her spread inside of BIV are the same shots found on Vogue It and the test shots I posted earlier.

Hopefully this is the start of good things for Ward.


ANTM Cycle 16 - Sonia Dara

Credit: The CW
Fame and Mud came into play with this week's episode of Top Model. The girls had a fame personality challenge which saw Kasia excel while Monique just could engage. The photoshoot the girls where groups into brunettes and blondes in a mud shoot. At panel with guest judge Sonia Dara the brunettes scraped to come out on top with my girl Brittani getting first call out, though fellow brunette Monique was sent home. I was never a fan but I'll miss Monique's personality on the show. With the competition now at the halfway mark I hear an overseas destination coming... I'm tres excited.

See the other group shot over the jump...


Credit: The CW

Kate Moss - Harper's Bazaar UK May 2011

 Credit: Harper's Bazaar UK

Kate Moss lands her milliontrillionth magazine cover this time it is for Harper's Bazaar UK; the Fashion Royalty Issue.

This issue is particularly special as a double cover issue, with one cover a beauty shot of Moss while the other one pays tribute to the late Alexander McQueen with Moss wearing a creation by McQueen's successor Sarah Burton. Rumour has it that Moss will wed in a McQueen design, as being a close friend with the late designer.

Moss may not be the youngest face but she can still pull off two great intense covers. Love love love!


Midweek Fashion Gossip

Credit: Alexander Wang

Actress Amanda Heard is the new face of fashion brand Guess. cont.
- Carine Roitfeld has moved on from Vogue Paris to Barneys New York. cont.
Singer and now fashion mogul Jessica Simpson is expanding into sportswear, as well as having stand alone stores. cont.
Designer Alexander Wang is expanding his brand into Ready-to-Wear Menswear. cont.
Creative Director of Elle USA Joe Zee is heading again into reality television. cont.



Last night I went to a work awards night themed a Masquerade Ball. With that being said images of Gossip Girl and the like came into my head (not that it was like that) but heck I thought why not make something special for the event. So I gots myself some feathers, paint, a mask and my trusty glue gun out. Above were some of the random sketches in my diary I did while I was bored...

Follow the jump to see what and how my design turned out...



I got my blazer and stitched on a pair of black shoulder pads. I did this just so that I had a base to glue my feathers on, as well as not ruin the blazer is something went wrong.
On my rampant search for feathers I found this feather boa-likee lining, so with my glue gun I glued lines of the boa onto the shoulder pad as a foundation for the rest of my feathers.
Once I did that I randomly glued an assortment of black feathers, to give a bit of wild texture to the shoulders.

Wallah, my final touch was to add a few long blue feathers, just for a bit of colour. And my feathered blazer is complete. 

The Mask

I bought this full face mask from Spotlight. Though when I put it on... it just squashed my face. So me being me, I ended up cutting the forehead and the mouth off. When I thought of the mask I wanted something mysterious and slightly weird ahaha. Because the fit was weird I had to pad the eyes and the nose inside the mask so it sat better.
Once I cut the mask I made paper triangle prisms and stuck them on the mask. Annoyingly enough I wanted to paint the mask black, however I didn't have any black paint... every colour in the rainbow BUT black. So I mixed them all to get this slate gray. I also added a texture paste and metallic iridescent to add dimension to mask. 

To finish the mask I put more of the metallic iridescent on the prisms so that looked like studs.

The Result

So yes I had a fun night out. Feathers out and all. 


Coffees with Yan, My altered Blazer, Comfort Food & Birthday Cake

So you know how last week I said I wanted to chill... well I got a cold. So the wrong chill...

Normally when I get sick it's because I do too many things over a long period of time, you know uni, work, socialize and then couple that with no sleep.. I'm normally sick for a good week or two. But no this is just your simple cold. Not Happy. Regardless of my sickness however, (though I did skip uni) I worked and did my homework, no rest for the wicked you see.

To keep myself busy I watched a lot of TV online.. well more than the norm. It's kind of annoying at the moment because all my favourite shows like Gossip Girl, 90210, Grey's Anatomy, Better With You and such are on some annoying break so I only really watch my reality shows at the moment. But with being sick and wanting something mind numbing I ended up watch The Model Agency about the British Premier Model Agency and a bit of Alan Carr and Loose Women.

It was my little brother's birthday on Friday. I must admit it is really weird having our family grow up so to speak. No longer are we kids in high school, instead we work, study and have our own lives..weird.

Tonight I'm going to a Masquerade Ball for work. I'm uber excited mainly because I made my own mask and stuff. I'll post later. x


Looks of the Week - 21-27th March 2011

Camilla Belle - In Miami for the opening of the Juicy Couture South Beach store, Belle wore a sequined Bird by Juicy Couture mini dress with matching Brian Atwood pumps.
Cheryl Cole - On the red carpet for the Prince's Trust Celebrate Success Awards, Cole wore a nude Sass and Bide dress from their Fall 2011 collection.
Elle Macpherson - At the relaunch of the Bottega Veneta Store in London, the Britain's Next Top Model host wore a white Bottega Veneta blazer with a pair of intense leopard print Roberto Cavalli harem pants. I'm a sucker for drop crotch harems, and I'm love love loving the leopard.
Miranda Kerr - Wearing a custom Balenciaga dress to the opening of the Balenciaga and Spain Exhibit LA, the Victoria Secret model looks amazing in the detailed floor length dress.
The Olsen Twins - Ashley and Mary-Kate attended the Premiere of Le Comte Ory at the Metropolitan Opera  in Yves Saint Laurent. I love the different looks from the Twins, with Ashley opting for a dress and fur and Mary-Kate with a dress and sleeveless coat. Another week of them on my list, I love love love.


MARTAN + Facebook

Hey Hey all my lovely readers!

So as I've been mentioning, I'm planning to expand MARTAN. Fingers crossed by April you'll be able to get your hands on another site created by yours truly. I also want to personally thank everyone who has taken time to read the blog, as lame as it sounds but I love to see that a lot of people from various countries are reading it.

Furthermore a first step with this expansion is the MARTAN Facebook page. Liking the page will give you an up to date notifications of all of my posts and other offers yet to be announced. Like my page by either clicking link above or facebook link on the toolbar. Most appreciated.

Once again thanks for the love love love.


Jena Malone - Nylon April 2011

Credit: Nylon

Okay so by now with four covers for the April issue of Nylon, you'd think that would be all. Well I did. But no there is one more final cover starring Jena Malone. No hate on Malone, but I'm just saying it's a lot of Nylon covers.

Anywho, Malone adds a smile to the April covers in a bright colour-blocked dress.

The five girls recently premiered their film Sucker Punch in LA, wearing an array of designers, stand outs were Hudgens, Browning and Chung.


ANTM Cycle 16 - Rachel Zoe

Hannah (Credit: The CW)

This week's Top Model saw the girls having a CoverGirl Commercial challenge and a baby Jaguar Photoshoot. Alexandria is just getting on my nerves more and more, though I love how Monique acts with her. For the photoshoot the girls were at the old Los Angeles Zoo shooting with a Baby Jaguar for Rachel Zoe's new Faux Fur line. At panel my girl Hannah got the best shot (above) while Molly and Dalya were in the bottom two. It was Dalya who was sent home. 

See more of my favourite shots over the jump...


Brittani & Mikaela (Credit: The CW)


Style Diary - Y5L Summer Love

When I was over in Ireland I got to purchase so many different things which I can't at home. 5 Preview is one of them. Based in Europe I was over the moon when I finally bought myself a piece from their collections. I've already featured my 5 Preview Oversized Tee and my 55 Necklace so I thought I'd give some love love love to my Y5L singlet. A cute play on YSL, normally I hate prints but I have a soft spot for 5 Preview. I was happy that the weather at home has been pretty good recently with the sun shining I've worn the singlet countless times. 


Sunglasses - Police
Singlet - 5 Preview
Shorts - Thrifted jeans made to shorts 
Bracelets - H&M
Sandals - Rubi 

Jamie Chung & Emma Browning - Nylon April 2011

Credit: Nylon Magazine

Following Vanessa Hudgen's and Abbie Cornish's cover, their Sucker Punch co-stars Emma Browning and Jamie Chung also land their own solo covers for Nylon April 2011.
I'm love love loving Browning's leather jacket (left), the large studs look amazing. Chung looks a bit deer in the headlights a bit but it works her face looks intense. 
I wonder if anymore covers will surface?


Abbie Cornish - Nylon April 2011

Credit: Nylon Magazine

Aussie actress Abbie Cornish lands a cover for the April issue of Nylon Magazine.

Previously I posted Vanessa Hudgen's cover for the issue as well promoting their movie Sucker Punch. Cornish kind of looks a bit too hard for my likings.. Loved her on the Harper's Australia cover.

I'm actually really eager to see Sucker Punch. Sci-fi Heroine film with excessive CG, sounds like either a hit or a flop. I'll update once I've seen it