Midweek Fashion Gossip

Credit: Uniquo

- Burlesque star Dita von Teese is going to release her first fragrance. cont.

Rachel Zoe's debut clothing line will sell like hot cakes in Neiman Marcus. cont

Lady GaGa is planning to further the Mac Viva Glam Aids fund with her new project: 'Glam this way'.cont 

and Designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Lady GaGa have designed charity t-shirt for Uniquo for Japan Charity Relief. cont.

Here is a sneak peak of Missoni's collaboration with Target. cont.


Vanessa Paradis - Vogue UK July 2011

Actress, Singer and Model Vanessa Paradis covers the July Issue of Vogue UK; The Ageless Style Issue. The cover was shot by famous photographer Mario Testino.

Paradis looks great on the cover, though I wouldnt' say this is my favourite cover of hers nor of Vogue UK. Something is just a bit too matchy matchy, and the styling to me is a bit off. Ah well, only the spread will tell.

What do you lovelies think?

On another note. There aren't going to be many covers this month as a lot of the June covers cross over to July as well... no fun.



 (T/B-L-R) Night after work, Homework, Lunch with the Wifey's & Working on MJS with Music

My final week of Semester 1.. Fun.

Last week I stepped up the homeworkingness, well mainly just because I need to hand in things soon. Presentations, folios and the like. I must say when you finally bite the bullet and put in the effort, the feeling of satisfaction is pretty good!

In my busy busy week I managed to squeeze in a lunch with the Wifey's, well mainly because the Wifeys me me on the way back from Uni. Good (and cheap) food and conversation.

With uni, got my work and then work on MJS, preparing for the next product line. I'm very excited to share, introducing some new stuff into the mix. Though I'm still working on a few details stay tuned!

I've got so many plans to do ONCE I'm done with this week's work. Everything is due this week so once its done I'll hopefully have more time for my creativeness and all.. well that's the hope at least.

Persistence is key. 

In life we often, (well I) want to control things and time, it's hard to let go and let 'time take its natural course'. As results are a representation of efforts from a period of time, waiting for those results can be very hard and at times when we don't see the results we want we try to rectify them immediately. But again it is Time. That one thing in life which we cannot control and yet we live by. Thus persistence is that key.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - Elle UK July 2011 Newsstand Cover

(Credit: Elle UK)

Here is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's newsstand cover for Elle UK July Issue.

I'm seeing a trend of neutrals with magazine covers. very minimal but I like it.

Its a great cover, Huntington-Whiteley again looks chic and sophisticated. I can see her inner lioness in this shot.. don't know why.

Must get my hands on a copy


Looks of the Week - 23-29th May 2011

Angelina Jolie
- Wearing a Red one shouldered Jenny Packham gown, Jolie was in LA at the premiere of  'The Tree of Life' staring partner Brad Pitt.

Kirsten Dunst
 In Chanel Couture from their Spring 2010 collection, Dunst was at the Closing Ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival. Dunst always looks tres amazing in Chanel, and it one of the only girls who can pull of Couture.

Michelle Obama 
Attending the Royal Dinner, the First Lady wore a black Ralph Lauren gown from their Fall 2011 collection. She looks amazing in the gown as well as her tres intense silver accessories. 

Selena Gomez
- Looking sophisticated in a Black Dolce & Gabbana dress, Gomez was this great cut out dress to the 2011 Billboard Awards. Gomez is looking more and more lady like, shying away from her cutey good girl look.  

Victoria Beckham
 In a draped Spring 2011 dress from her own collection, Beckham was in LA to honor her manager Simon Fuller at his Hollywood Walk of Fame Induction Ceremony. Beckham looks tres intense in this parachute dress, you can hardly tell she's pregnant. Not to mention I don't know how she can wear those platform pumps!

Zoe Kravitz 
Premiering her latest film X-Men: First Class in New York, Kravitz wore a Silver Velvet Alexander Wang dress. I love love love Kravitz's look! It's so edgy and the silver velvet works so well on her (a very risky fabric choice).  


Gisele Bunchen - Vogue Australia July 2011

(Credit: Vogue Australia)

Supermodel Gisele Bunchen covers the July Issue of Vogue Australia; The Chill Out Issue. The shot was taken by famed photographer Patrick Demarchelier.

I love love love this cover, the styling is tres amazing. The cover image is actually from Bunchen's spread from Vogue China's February 2011 issue. Not really a fan when magazine just copy images, but this image wasn't China's cover and heck it's an amazing shot.

Vogue Australia is heading in a more 'fashion' direction I think, having more model covers and less celebrity covers true of very European magazines. And I love love loves it!


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - Elle UK July 2011 Subscriber's Cover

(Credit: Elle UK)

Actress and Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley covers the July Issue of Elle UK shot by Terry Tsiolis.

Huntington-Whiteley will make her acting debut in the third installment of the Transformers Franchise'Transformers: The Dark of the Moon', replacing Megan Fox as the lead female.

I'm love love loving this subscriber's cover. Huntington-Whiteley has such a 'siren' face it's tres amazing. The cover is sexy and sophisticated without crossing that line. Elle UK is my favourite Magazine by far so I'm very happy!

Cannot wait for the newsstand cover!


Penelope Cruz - Vogue USA June 2011 Spread

(Credit: Vogue USA)

 Penelope Cruz is looking tres fab in white lace for her June Vogue USA Spread. Cruz is currently on the promotional tour for her latest film 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides'. The film has already smashing the box office, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they release another...

The spread is very summer and casual, with Cruz in whites showing off her great curves. This is a big contrast to her previous Vogue USA Spreads which are very theatrical and highly styled. Note she gave birth to her son in January tres amazing. 

Follow the jump to see the rest of Penelope Cruz' Spread...


(Credit: Vogue USA)

Style Diary - Pradaesque? Pants

Have you ever had that moment where you bought something, never wore it and then all of a sudden it's trendy?

I bought these drop drotch harem pants from Forever 21 last year before my travels. I don't know why I wanted them, I was just drawn to the obscurity of the print and of course the drop crotch and the like. I never got to wear them last year... I ordered them in the middle of winter and then I left for Europe

Coming home however I made use of the pants wearing them to the LMFF Ready-to-Wear Trunk Show and now here and there. Funnily enough the print resembles the fun fruity prints from Prada's Spring 2011 collection.. well I think so at least.

These pants are tres comfy and are just a lot of fun to wear out either casually with a tee or even a fitted blazer in the colder times. 

For this looks I paired the pants with a basic Black V, Black Gladdy Sandals, Vintage Ring and these woven bands. One of them was from my Wifey Yan before I left for Europe while the others I got whilst in Barcelona

Follow the jump to read more of Pradaesque? Pants...


T-Shirt - Cotton On 
Pants - Forever 21
Sandals - Rubi
Bracelet - Barcelona & Gifted
Ring - Vintage Gifted

Photography by: Denim Eyes aka Krystal

Gennifer Goodwin & Kate Hudson - Marie Claire USA June 2011 Spread

(Credit: Marie Claire USA)

Here is the glimpse of the Marie Claire USA June spread featuring cover stars Kate Husdon and Gennifer Goodwin. The spread is really clean like the cover, but this time the actresses are in whites. I love love love the spread it's just so simple and chic very 'Gap/H&Mesque' to me. And heck Goodwin and Hudson are two tres beautiful women.

Follow the jump to see the rest of the spread...


(Credit: Marie Clarie USA)

Banana Birkin?

So back around Christmas time I did a 'Dear Santa' post, which was basically me having a really long wishlist just for the holiday season. Well on that list I wrote that I wanted a Birkin Tote bag. So time past and I totally forgot about it till I saw a customer at work with a hot pink Birkin Tote and being... well me I investigated I got myself.. well two.

These Birkin Totes are made by Banane/Banana Taipei. Like the Hermes Birkin (the one where you had to be on a waiting list) believe it or not but these totes aren't manufactured often so I had to order them and wait for them to be made then shipped. A long wait. But the wait is over! I got myself on Orange and Purple tote, just because knowing me and my wardrobe of neutrals that these colours would stand out well. 

Follow the jump to read more Banana Birkin?...


I am in love love love with my totes. I've kind of been collecting random totes ever since my travels in Europe. I especially like these ones because they have sturdy handles and a magnetic button to close the bag. They can carry a lot, though I don't really want to test their capabilities as I do want to keep them for a while. But yes a great bag, should of got it sooner! Which one do you like better my Orange or Purple?

Wanting a Banana Birkin Tote? Visit: http://bananataipei.com/

Me rocking out my Birkin Totes. Wearing simple Zara V, Black Skinnies and MARTAN Antique Turquoise Ring.

Lady GaGa - Rolling Stone June 2011

(Credit: Rolling Stone)

Lady GaGa covers the June issue of Rolling Stone Magazine.

Mother Monster is rocking the iconic 'Hairbow' which she was famously known for at the beginning of her career. It's good to see she is still rocking out the good stuff. I dont' even mind the red/orange hair.. hmm

GaGa's sophomore album 'Born This Way' was released this week receiving positive reviews and undoubtedly it will be #1 around the world. I myself still have the album on replay since friday. Love love love!

She is also set to perform her 3rd single off her album 'The Edge of Glory' at the American Idol Finale. I cannot wait!

Eager to see her spread too!


Florence Welch - Nylon June 2011 Spread

(Credit: Nylon Magazine)

Here are a few shots from Florence Welch's Nylon June Music Issue. The shoot was shot by Valerie Phillips.

In the issue Welch discusses Florence + the Machine's upcoming album. 

"A lot of the songs on the new album are about imaginary things, things that you can't touch- ghosts and rumors, my dead grandmother, things visiting you in a dream. It's almost like I am taking the Oscars and all those amazing events and turning them into something that brings you back to your reality."

I mentioned on my cover post that I love love loved the cardigan Welch is wearing, follow the jump for the full fashion credits. It's Vivienne Westwood Gold Label love!

Follow the jump to see more shots and cover credits...


(Credit: Nylon Magazine)

Florence's Cover Look
Cardigan (I want!) - Vivienne Westwood Gold Label
Tank - Topshop
Shorts - Topshop

Midweek Fashion Gossip

Gwen Stefani for L'Oreal (Credit: L'Oreal Paris)

- David Beckham is venturing into the clothing market with his own bodywear line. cont.

- Diane von Furstenburg's new fragrance is to be called: DIANE. cont. 

- Not uber fashion related but Justin Beiber has got his own female fragrance called 'Someday'. cont.

- Tyra Banks has announced that Cycle 16 of America's Next Top Model was the last 'normal' ANTM cycle. cont.

- Gwen Stefani wasn't just holidaying in Cannes, she was filming a new L'Oreal ad. cont.

 Jimmy Choo has been sold to Labelux for an estimated $800 millioncont.


Gennifer Goodwin & Kate Hudson - Marie Claire USA June 2011

(Credit: Marie Claire USA)

Something Borrowed stars Gennifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson cover the June issue of Marie Claire USA.

The cover is very chic with both Goodwin and Hudson in simple black and white looks. Love love love Goodwin's hair. (noted Hudson looks slim so it's safe to say that these where taken before she was visibly pregnant). Hudson is currently pregnant with her second child.

I'm yet to see Something Borrowed (mainly cash flow issues) but I might just see it soon!

Spread to come.