Saturday, December 31


So am off to celebrate the year that was 2011

I want to thank each and every reader of MARTAN for being there, following my life and shopping habits throughout the year.

2011 gifted me with many experiences meeting people I thought I never meet and doing things which still look back with utter awe and shock that it happened!

So to 2012 you have some big shoes to fill!

Enjoy you New Years Eve lovelies!

Love love love


Friday, December 30

Style Diary 2011: The Looks

A main part of this blog is my Style Diary

I don't know how to describe my style, it's ever changing. I have my own style fads, pet style love love loves and heck I do chuck a bit of trend here and there. 

Now with 2012 in sight it's time to reflect on the year that's 2011 (if you haven't noticed already with my recent posts
Follow the jump to see all of my Style Diary shots from 2011!

Tuesday, December 27


Brights & Unif + MARTAN on Android + Christmas! + Summer lovin

Tuesday, December 20


 Topshop + A Great View + Elle UK-ing + Dinner with the Wifey

Wednesday, December 14

Tuesday, December 13


Airport Ice Cream + Roast Chicken + Shoot Time + Elle UK/Root Beer

I decided not to let being busy stop me from well... doing.

Saturday, December 10

Monday, December 5


GH Disco + Food and Conversation + More Food + Exercise