So am off to celebrate the year that was 2011

I want to thank each and every reader of MARTAN for being there, following my life and shopping habits throughout the year.

2011 gifted me with many experiences meeting people I thought I never meet and doing things which still look back with utter awe and shock that it happened!

So to 2012 you have some big shoes to fill!

Enjoy you New Years Eve lovelies!

Love love love


Style Diary 2011: The Looks

A main part of this blog is my Style Diary

I don't know how to describe my style, it's ever changing. I have my own style fads, pet style love love loves and heck I do chuck a bit of trend here and there. 

Now with 2012 in sight it's time to reflect on the year that's 2011 (if you haven't noticed already with my recent posts
Follow the jump to see all of my Style Diary shots from 2011!

Starting from the beginning to now, it's funny to see some subtle changes, more my Hairstyles, Eyebrows and Model 101-ness. ahahaha. Even when compiling all of these shots, I laughed. Though all of these looks are apart of my style evolution! (yes I used the word evolution, don't judge... I sound like a Pokemon). 

Which look is your fave? 

Click on the pictures to see the accompanying posts!!

Style Diary: Ripped Off

For some reason I'm into the Sleeveless

Some could say it's because it's Summer. 
Some could say it is cheaper without the sleeves or that I'm into arms? (which is a negative)
There is something about sleeveless looks which just appeal to me at current. 

I thought I'd let this look be a bit ragged and ripped off (don't mind the pun) with my DIY Ripped Jeans.
I honestly don't see why someone would want to pay for anything ripped? .... I'd rather do it myself. 
A pair of scissors, rolling around on the floor and a good machine wash and Waa lah! 

For something fancy I'm wearing my Make Believe flower necklace, which contrasts the edge for something pretty and fragile.
Uber deep I am.

Topshop Sleeveless Blazer + DIY Ripped Ladakh Jeans + Nique Tank + H&M Boots + Make Believe Necklace

Looks of 2011

Nearly every week I've put down a list of my favourite looks, from Street Style to Oscar Red-Carpet, Womenswear to Menswear, Gowns to Minidresses the lists have been long and full of surprises. 
So to round off 2011 I thought I'd choose 10 of my top looks from the week's list.

Angelina Jolie
+ Atelier Versace Gown @ 2011 Golden Globes
Jolie in a full length, backless Emerald Gown that's covered in Swarovski crystals. Need I say more?

Blake Lively Chanel Couture Spring 2009 @' The Green LanternLA Premiere
 Chic in Chanel, Lively dons some tricky couture. Love love loving the lace and sheer layering

Cate Blanchett Givenchy Couture Spring 2011 @ 2011 Oscar Awards
Always up for a style challenge Blanchett looked stunning on the red carpet in the violet, pearl embroidered Givenchy

Cheryl Cole Stephane Rolland Couture Spring 2011 Gown @ Cannes Film Festival 2011
Looking her best in white, the gown offers structure and sex appeal with the deep v neckline. 
Love love loving the fluid drape on the skirt, not to mention that belt!

Freida Pinto Chanel Couture Spring/Summer 2010 @ 2011 MET Gala
This dress is exactly what I think the MET Gala is, experimental and fashion forward.

Kat Graham + Falguni and Shane Peacock Minidress @ 2011 Teen Choice Awards
In one of my new favourite designers, Graham plays with the minidress concept in this FAB creation by Falguni and Shane Peacock

Rooney Mara Givenchy Couture Fall 2011 @' The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' London Premiere
Sneaking onto the list, Mara works her edgy editorial look in this white lace Givenchy.

Nina Dobrev + Donna Karan 2012 Resort Gown @ 2011 Emmy Awards 
Red Carpet Stunner. Dobrev looks expensive and at her best in Red at the Emmys

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Burberry Gown @ ' Transformers 3London Premiere
In none other than Burberry, Huntington-Whiteley looks like a goddess in the navy gown. 
Do I need to mention the sexy and revealing top? 

Ryan GoslingSalavatore Ferragamo Tuxedo @ Cannes Film Festival
Yes a guy makes it on the list! Gosling has won me over with his forward menswear looks.
Hopefully more guys follow suit! 


Brights & Unif + MARTAN on Android + Christmas! + Summer lovin

The lead up to Christmas was crazy cray. 

The weather started to heat up with the holiday spirit.
I must say it I found myself feeling very nostalgic about the holidays, last year I was in Ireland enjoying a nice White Christmas.
Now in 2011 I'm back in Melbourne with the humidity, though the weather managed to offer some white with hail the size of marbles.
I spent my Christmas with the family, recharging and relaxing. Sounds simple and maybe boring, but it was amazing just to sit back and relax, no obligations or tasks.

I managed to sneak in a coffee date or two, dinner and some window shopping throughout the week. 
I was gutted to find that I've changed sizes which was torture when finding a blazer which I thought was my size only to find that it was too big. Oh the drama. 
I also picked up some new work shoes, opting for flat faux suede boots. Breaking them in has been hell for my feet, but they do look good.. fair trade.

I've recently been reorganizing and de-cluttering my life. 
It was funny/interesting to open boxes of stuff and thinking 'what the hell was I thinking' Safe to say I culled a lot of items. From random ornaments to dare I say clothes.. well I did donate them. Everything I have now I'll either wear, use or love love love. 
There is something therapeutic about streamlining everything. It also helps make room for future purchases!

When looking back on the year there are times where I think 'what did I do?' or 'what happened?'
Once things are accomplished I try and move on and forward, following the notion that you are only as good as your last post or achievement. 
Looking back on the year and the things that I've seen, experienced and the people I've met I'm humbled at my progress as a blogger and a young person trying to find a place in this big world. 
Sometimes we get caught up with where we are and where we came from. 

Season's Greetings

So it's come to that time of the year where Presents are exchanged, Families reunite or for some it's just a well deserved day off, either way I wish all of my lovely readers a Happy, Safe and Fun Holiday Season
Enjoy eating yummy food, opening presents and being with Friends and Family.

I'll be relaxing with the family, catching up on some much needed relaxation before Boxing Day Sales and New Year Celebrations!

Thank you for all of the love love love for my blog. It's nice to still be here a year on, thanks for reading about my life, shopping confessionals and the like. 
Hopefully its the beginning of more years of successful blogging to come!