To DIEgo For

This Bag has been on my Wishlist for Months! I thought it would be an appropriate 21st present to myself (one of many)
It combines all of my loves into one bag: Black, Leather, Studs, Gold Hardware and Wang... Alexander Wang.

Lovelies meet my new Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag, it's got 3 Compartments, Shoulder Strap, Short handle and the best for last it is covered in Wang's trademark Studs at the bottom and around the handles of the bag.  

Safe to say I'm in love. Though I also think it is time to re-do my Wishlist...

I got my Wang bag from Shopbop. Check it out here!

TUMBLR - February 2012

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Lady GayGay + Half Shatter Nails + Unpacking + Tags Galore

Last week was all about being home, unpacking and unwinding. It's annoying that even though I was just in Hong Kong I seem to be a tad jet lagged, meaning I'm still up till around 4am-ish and I wake up at 1pm. I'm slowly trying to get my clock back into shape... slowly. It's a delicate process. Being back naturally came with a lot of catch ups over coffee, food and movies. I got to see Deathproof and A few Best Men.. I'm not dying to buy either any of them on DVD, but it was fun to see them with a group of friends, laughing at the randomness or shielding my eyes from seeing limbs fly left right and center.

Now that I'm back it's kind of a waiting game. Approval for Graduation, then the sky's the limit. I'm contemplating moving, new jobs all and more. Fingers crossed I choose something interesting and new. I thin I'm ready for something new. And the Blog will be the first place to see all of these updates!

It's time to set new Expectations. 
Leaving others behind in the hope for bigger and brighter ones ahead.
Sometimes things don't grow or turn out how we want them to. 
It doesn't mean that we stop hoping and expecting, we just simply re-position and try again.

Looks of the Week - 20-26th February 2012

A British Invasion this week!

Cheryl Cole + White Grecian Gown Prince's Trust Dinner

Florence Welch + Alexander McQueen The BRITs Awards 2012

Kate Bosworth + Stella McCartney Charlie Chaplin' Honorary Academy Award Ceremony

Victoria Beckham + Victoria Beckham @ Great British Film Reception

Zoe Saldana + Balmain @ Independent Film Spirit Awards

Style Diary - Bright Future

From a Hong Kong Winter back to Melbourne's heatwave of a Summer, it's time pack away the Long Shirts and bring out the Short Shorts and Sandals again.

I got this Fluorescent Orange Knit Sweater from work, it's got such a high concentrated colour (weird for me, I know) but it look great against black. For this look I paired the Sweater with a pair of Navy Short Shorts... it is Summer after all, my new Melissa x Gareth Pugh Sandals, Primark Mini Briefcase and a Sass and Bide Ring from my 21st.

It's a my simple (and oddly colourful) look. 

Cotton On Sweater + DIY Short Shorts + Melissa x Gareth Pugh Aileron Sandals + Sass and Bide Ring + Primark Mini Briefcase

Fab Find - Black and Gold

 Unif Hellraisers with Gold Spikes 

Take a look at these Limited Edition Hellraisers by Unif
Like the original Black Leather and Silver Studs, but these babies feature Gold Spikes instead
Love love love!
A subtle difference, but don't they look great?

I want a Pair. Don't you?

Take a Look at my Hellraisers Post

Shop Unif Now

Hong Kong Diary 2012 - Part 3

Ngong Ping Temple + Valentines Day Movie + Hong Kong Night Style + Time to Pack

Leaving Tomorrow... Queue Sadface

Two weeks are now done and I'm packing for Home. 
Thankful that I took a fairly empty suitcase so that I can carry everything home and fingers crossed not be over weight!

Valentines Day, a day that's never in my calendar actually turned out to be a lot of fun. The Wifey and our friend Christine spend the day with 90's Romantic movies in bed, moving onto Shopping, watching a Romancing in Thin Air and then Ice Skating. Tres Valentines Day no? Missing a partner but still fun. 

We managed to get some sightseeing done this week, visiting the Tourist Friendly Stanley Beach area and Lantau Island to see the Big Buddha. The beach area was nice and chill... though the weather was just that too, a bit too chill. We visited a temple and had our fortunes read, very interesting. Going to Ngong Ping was intense, a crazy bus ride to Lantau Island which was covered in fog and mist. All that aside the Big Buddha is pretty breathtaking, mainly because it's HUGE and the entire area is covered in a sense of calm.

Did I mention Shopping, Food and the Nightlife? I shall be putting myself on a tight leash when I return to limit my spending!

Now to pack. As I'm writing this I'm avoiding looking to my right to the mounds of clothes and the like that need to be prepped and packed. I'm excited to come back home though, having relaxed and chilled I'm ready to jump back on the path and start carving out a future post University!

See all of my Hong Kong Shots Below!

Stanley Beach + More Japanese + Valentine's Day Ice Skating + My L'Hotel 

Tian Tan Buddha + Giant Steps

..More Japanese + Sightseeing Bus Style + Blogging @ MTR + Honeymoon Dessert

Hong Kong Diary 2012 - Part 2

Manicure + Harvey Nichols Change Room + Versace-ing in the Bathroom + All you can eat Sushi

One week down, One More to go!

Hong Kong has become friend; walking around local and city areas. Shopping and Designer Window Shopping. 
Love love love seeing some designer swag in real life... preparing for my next wishlist.
My wardrobe is growing... slowly. I seem to be accumulating a lot of Shirts and Sweaters, various prints and fabrics. I also managed to grab a pair of Finsk inspired Snakeskin Wedges which I'm in love love love with. A generous 5 inches, I'm a stylish giant in Hong Kong!

I also had my first manicure, I opted for OPI Black Shatter on Silver Base. It was a pretty good job as well and at a fraction of the cost at home!

Have I mentioned the food? It's hard not to have a fat day or week with all of the street food, snacks and the cheap prices I'm lucky that I'm walking a lot to burn off all of this food!

Hong Kong is a very good Friend

Shopping Refuel + Honeymoon Dessert + Shopping Galore 

Japanese Food + Snacks +... More Snacks

Hong Kong Diary 2012 - Part 1

Goldfish + Shopping Hong Kong  Style + View from the Hotel + Ocean Park

Hola from Hong Kong!

It has been a hectic four days into my trip into Hong Kong. Having had my flight delayed (not without it's perks) the Wifey and I arrived in Hong Kong just in time for my 21st Birthday, which naturally was spent the two best things in life; Shopping and Eating. From Restaurants to Street Food and H&M to Designer Outlets, Hong Kong is definitely meeting my expectations! 

I've bought some really nice pieces already! 
I splurged on some Givenchy (one of the many Birthday treats) as well as some great shirts and bits from Zara and H&M. I'm yet to go shoe shopping but I've got to pace myself for the next two weeks.

Today I went to Ocean Park, think Movieworld/Aquarium/Zoo on Crack. 
I remembered why I don't like Heights/Rollercoasters... This boy wasn't meant to be off the ground for no particular reason. Upside down, side to side, swinging... even writing about it I'm getting the shivers...
The park had a really cute animal section with Seals, Pandas and Goldfish! Tres Cute!

More from Hong Kong to come! 

Buffet Breakfast + Givenchy! + Wardrobe-age + My 21st Dinner in Soho