David Beckham - Elle UK July 2012

 Photo Credits - Elle UK

Sidebar - I gave MARTAN Cover Coverage a rest, but this is a point in History (well for Men in Fashion.. History-ishDavid Beckham covers the July Issue of Elle UK shot by Doug Inglish and styled by Simon Robins. Check out his Newsstand and Subscriber Covers. This makes Beckham the first Man to cover the Magazine, a great choice in my book. My favourite Magazine/Elle UK + David Beckham there is so much love love love. I can't wait to crack open my copy and see the full shoot. Maybe a guy should feature once a year? Just an idea... Which is your favourite Cover? I can't choose.


Last week I decided to focus on... well my Career. What I'm doing. What I want do to. Who I want to be... and How the Heck I'm going to get there. It sounds like a simple thing.. thinking. That process where I decide what I'll wake up in the morning and make my money for. And I seem to always be at this thinking stage. Though I'm proud to say that I'm on track, refining my thoughts into career goals. I sound all Adult... it's very interesting and somewhat empowering

On Thursday I went to the Official Launch of Shu, a FAB new Modern Chinese Restaurant. I love love love the design of the Restaurant, a mix of minimal and industrial. I'd been to Shu in March for the TSEN A/W 2012 Collection Launch, but this time it was all about the food! Guests were treated to a sampling of Shu's fresh and flavorsome Menu as well as flowing Laurent Perrier Champagne. Safe to say it was a fun night. Be sure to visit Shu HERE

I managed to grab time to hang out with friends, lunching, photoshooting, shopping and having a some yummy waffles. I cannot wait for my free time to kick in. Spending time and catching up with friends. I'll soon bore them to death with my fully available schedule and lack there of funds but it'll be a fun change of pace.

This week is my last week of employment. I'm still somewhat 'meh' about it all. I'm that guy who gets more emotional when people leave opposed to when I leave. I guess I'll have the 'oh my god I'm leaving' rush in the last minutes of my last shift... here's hoping.

Why is it that when dreaming everything seems possible? Things happen? Insecurities and Inhibitions don't exist. How is it so simple Once we close our eyes? Is there a way to make those Insecurities and Inhibitions at bay when our Eyes are open? I plan to Dream BIG. I may not be able to eliminate my insecurities or inhibitions or have it easy 24/7, but I still want to get to my goals in reality. Hard work and persistence... chuck in some fun along the way too. Dream BIG Lovelies!

Injury - S/S 13 Showroom

Whilst in Sydney for MBFWA 2012 I had the chance to go to and visit Australian label Injury's Showroom. Created in 2004 by Eugene Leung, Injury has been well received in both local and international markets with a strong reach to both Asia and America. The label produces both Womens and Menswear the Injury look is Avant Garde, Graphic and Strong. For their Spring Summer 2013 Collection 'Underneath' Leung explored well... what's underneath (there's just no other way of putting it). 

The Collection features Sheer, Complex Prints and Leather Pieces; its all about the hidden details. For instance a Leather Vest can be inserted into any one of  their Blazers which have invisible zips. And if you look closely at their prints it is a mix between Snake skin and Machine parts. I haven't seen anything like this before in Australian Menswear so I was in sheer awe when I was at the Showroom. Looking at the entire collection, Touching, Trying On and simply Drooling over the pieces (I spent a while with the Clothes) Mark my words I will get my hands on a few of these Collection pieces as well as others soon! 


Last week was a combination of Food, BIG drinks (literally), Work and some Shopping here and there. Having finally finished my MBFWA 2012 Posts I can now sit back and relax and focus on a new wave of content. With MARTAN Main moving into Menswear look forward to seeing Designer Interviews and Showroom Access Posts coming in the next weeks!

I quit my Job. (Queue gasps and shocked faces)... well I gave my two weeks notice so by the start of June I will be a Free and Unemployment Man (Queue gasps and shocked faces). A part of me is freaked out whilst another part is eager to see what happens next. A new chapter. Being a crazy workaholic it will be interesting to see how long I last unemployed. I'm happy to have the time off to redirect and focus my paths towards Fashion and Menswear. I'll probably have pour my time into blogging, so apologies in advance for excess posts.

I'm in the mood for change, new beginnings; growth. To me that's what life is all about. As comfortable as life can get I'm just one of those people who will randomly switch it up, make that bold move and start from scratch. The fear of not knowing what the future holds. That push to make me reach my goals and achieve my dreams. Heck that's how this blog came about. And it has been a pretty fun challenge. I'm looking for more.

Pumped Up Kicks

 I shoe shopped... again... The #Shoefetish continues 

Take a look at these babies! They are Marc by Marc Jacobs Sneaker Wedges, from his Spring 2012 Collection Show. The Sneaker has a hidden wedge inside for extra height. It's really fun sneaker, well made and super comfy. I don't actually own any runners/sneakers of any kind so this is a new venture (the wedge makes the transition easier). I got my pair from Amazon's new Online Store Endless. It is very hard to track these babies down and get free express delivery to Australia, so highly recommended for any Aussie Readers.


I'm officially finished with my MBFWA 2012 Posts. Phew...!

I still cannot believe that I actually went to Sydney, attended Runway Shows, Saw/Met Bloggers whom I read and aspire to be as successful like; it was surreal for this small Melbourne Blogger. I'm glad to know that I am apart of a big and fun group of crazy outfit wearing, loitering and style hunting Bloggers. Its also helped me to carve out a path for the Blog, which is in the direction of Menswear. Dare I say there aren't many Menswear Personal Style Bloggers in Australia... let alone in the world. So I join a much smaller niche group. Exciting stuff though! I can start to put my ideas/projects together. And fingers crossed by the next fashion week you'll see more of me! I feel that I've bombarded my MBFWA Photos with all of my posts so I thought I'd share some random mobile shots, instagrams and MARTAN featured on Website/Street Style Posts. A MAJOR highlight was seeing myself on GQ Australia's website. ME! A Guy who does not dress 'conservatively male' and I'm on GQ (I'm dancing as we speak with joy

To finish my post check out a little video I've made with random clips from the week shot by Myself,
Connie and Jess

It's my new go-to-word to describe myself, my looks and other people who are well BRIGHT. I prefer the word BRIGHT over words like 'Intimidating' or 'Weird'. I am BRIGHT meaning that I am Seen, I'm not everyone's cup of tea but nevertheless I'm BRIGHT. I've struggled to define it for sometime. It was only with the help of a fellow BRIGHT lovely did I realise how relevant the term BRIGHT is. For me it's all about not being afraid to BRIGHT, to staying true to yourself.

MBFWA - New Generation 2

What a week it was. My final show at MBFWA 2012 was the New Generation 2 highlighting up and coming Australian Designers from across the country. Designers Ash to Gold, Little Gracie, Luela, Susan Rep, Uscari, Annchal Chanda and LF Markey graced the runway with looks varying from Cute Pastel Cocktail from Little Gracie to Bold Prints/Colours and Oversized Gold Pyramid Cuffs from Ash to Gold. I'm seriously eye-ing one of those cuffs. 

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