London Collections: Men Spring/Summer 2013 - Part 2

 Katie Eary + Lou Dalton

 Martine Rose + Matthew Miller

Topman Design + Sibling

 Nicole Farhi + Xander Zhou

PART 2 o
f my Picks from London Collections: Men comes with Boxy Tops, Prints and Texture galore. I'm a sucker for a symmetrical print like at Katie Eary as well as the somewhat feminine yet masucline print at Topman Design. I'm beginning to see a trend of structured sleeveless blazers and stiff arms, I'm liking the 'starchy look' in the shirts (adding dimension to my oh so skinny arms). Xander Zhou was a standout for me. Simple fine Stripe and Lattice prints with traditional and boxy pieces. I'm going to have to fast track now, with the Menswear Show Season slowly coming to an end. Next up is Florence
If you haven't already check out PART 1 Here.

(Photos: London Collections: Men)

Blonde Ambition

I'm going to answer the age old question. Do Blondes have more fun? I thought I'd opt for a Change of hair colour. Having become clueless with a new hairstyle, why not dye it all blonde and go from there! Fast forward 3 Boxes of Hair Dye, Toner Galore and bucket loads of Purple Shampoo and I'm Blonde. Well at least a Dirty Ash Blonde. I'm aiming for Platinum/White/Silver combination, whilst trying to prevent my hair from falling out. Being an impatient Aquarius does not help. It's fresh, something new. Uber editorial; Fun. BRIGHT Much?


Eating - Cocktails & Cake
Watching - Sex and the City & Friends
Reading - Boy Meets Boy & The Vast Fields of Ordinary 

Last week with quiet. Me a few books. I think I've hit that stage of 'I need something new' I shall be applying for some kind of work soon. One thing that's making life fun is that Menswear Fashion Week has begun, I'm very happy. Staying up late watching runways live from bed (who says fashion can't be comfortable). A lot of great looks, stay tuned for a Post Bomb of runway coverage. Hopefully one day I'll attend a Menswear Week. That would be insane. 

I'm getting my sketch on. Hopefully I'll be making some fun things soon. I've got a lot of PVC and Vinyl so stay tuned.

This week I've got the Born This Way Ball. I cannot wait. Though the crazy amount of fans, standing, crazy fans. I will be wearing very Tall Wedges. For height... and protection. I'm yet to decide if I'm going to dress up. Tossing up between Rick Genest make-up, an old GaGa outfit or well nothing. I do really want to snag myself some of those Lady GaGa Meat Bandaids from the merch store. I don't know why. It does come in a cute tin. 

Sidebar -
 DFTBA. Don't Forget To Be Awesome. I found this handmade bookmark in a book I borrowed. I thought the message was interesting. I'm taking it as one of those spontaneous messages in life. Lovelies DFTBA.

I'm in that mood. 
In the car, making that sharp turn.
Lifting myself up. Waiting for nothing.
Impulsive. Spontaneous. NOW.
Things are Changing.

London Collections: Men Spring/Summer 2013 - Part 1

Christopher Raeburn + Christopher Shannon

E. Tautz + Hackett London

J.W. Anderson + James Long

Jonathan Saunders + Joseph Addoud

I know I used bitch about the lack-there-of interesting or coverage of Menswear in the world, but I think my bitching has finally been answered (well at least I'm beginning to stop) This year the British Fashion Council took their Men's Day and created London Collections: Men a four day event of Menswear related Runways, Showcases, Parties and the like. What I wouldn't have done to be there (let alone any International Menswear week) Luckily however I'm able to participate from Australia in the comfort of my own home with the help of friends wifi and Here are Part 1 of my picks from the week. I really loved the floral details on the Model faces in Christopher Shannon's show. From Part 1 I see great Bright Colours (notably Pink), Shape Exaggeration and New Casual Silhouettes. I'm especially fond of James Long and J.W. Anderson. I will no longer bitch, instead I'll research, find and post. A good trade. Stay tuned for Part 2!

Style Diary - Casual

Nique Coat + H&M Jeans + Alexander Wang Diego + Unif Hellraisers

Cool winds and Gloomy Skies. There's nothing better to combat winter with a nice overcoat. Warm, heavy and practical. I love love love my Nique coat, its got an exaggerated lapel so it's like a scarf. Its a very comfy everyday piece, one of those pieces that can carry a look or carry me off to sleep in (I kid you not its very comfy) This is me wondering around my local park. Nonchalant and Simple. Though I do add my Unif Hellraisers for dramatic effect. But yes books in bag, walking around aimlessly. Nothing else really beats it at the moment.

(Photos by Yvonne)


Listening - Diana Krall & Dionne Warwick 
Shopping - Elle UK Subscription & Jeffery Campbell
Watching - Friends with Kids

With all this time its hard to not to just relax and be Zen. It is amazing. It must sound weird for me to say that, but for someone who normally craves the busy fast paced life I'm finally just enjoying just letting time pass. I spent my week visiting my local library (on numerous occasions) taking home enough books to stock a mini library. I honestly haven't read a book cover to cover in ages. I do love love love a good book, and now I have 11 to keep me company... well till July 4th when they're all due. Being all zen my musical mood has changed, having light jazz and classic easy tunes being the most played this week. There is something about it, just playing in the background that's soothing and not seizure inducing. I'm beginning to realise I'm starting to sound like some converted hippie or something.. I swear I'm still me. Just more Zen.

I got a few cool goodies in the mail last week, all to be seen very soon (so watch this space). I also spent my time experimenting with some random clothing projects. I've pricked and dyed my fingers too many times to count. But the payoff was worth it in the end. I dragged the wife-ies to see Friends with Kids on Cheap Tuesday. I've got to say I was happy it was Cheap Tuesday as the movie well.. it didn't really want me to have kids.. and it didn't really make me laugh. Ah well again it was cheap to see it. When Friday came I went to a Fashion Exhibition event for Box Hill Institute. A lot of great designs there (I want a few in my wardrobe now)

This week (Week 3 of my sabbatical) I'm still Zen-ing but just with a tad more focus. I'm going to go through all this is London Collections: Men (which I'm gutted I didn't go, but it's all about the 'money money money!'...or lack there of) I can't wait to see all the new debut menswear collections as well as collections by Topman, Christopher Kane, Paul Smith. Basically everything. 

They say One is the loneliest number. I say its the most courageous and proud. 
The need for more is simply icing on the cake, the cherry on top of that dessert. 
Having a strong sense of who you are and confidence in your own skin makes being One fine.
Being your own number One. Taking care of yourself, striving for your best.
Reaching it all... Being One