| Agate Crystal Slice + Braid Necklace + MARTAN Signature Stamp |

 After a long break SHOP is back Online

Having taken my time, thinking about the key accessories I wear and other accessories that I wish existed, SHOP offers signature MARTAN accessories currently influenced by the Shirt Collar. Check out a sample of the new Slice Collar Collection online. MARTAN Signature accessory. Chic and Sharp. Altered and pieced together by MARTAN.

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Issey Miyake Spring/Summer 2013

Issey Miyake's Spring/Summer Collection featured an array of Exaggerated Shoulders, Fluid Dye Prints and Bold Stripes. Its a play on sportswear (a Quarterback in Paris?) with the strong torso and short shorts. The Fluid Dye print helps to break up the solid collection. Love Love loving the the formal shirt


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Consuming | Buckets of Tea
Shopping | My  
Watching | The Dark Knight Rises & Dirt

I am on a roll at the moment. Having knuckled down the art of applying for jobs (and consequentially waiting for a response) I am keeping myself busy planning more and more projects to by the time. Plenty of DIY, Shop and Interview Projects with photos all to come. I've finally joined Instagram: @MARTANMain. I'm still getting a hang of it all (it will be so much easier when I get an iPhone) But I could not wait to add borders, sepia and filters to my lackluster photos. Who said you can't polish a photographic turd?

I finally saw The Dark Knight Rises. I might just leave it at that. It was a good movie. Not my favourite out of the series however Anne Hathway as Catwoman.... she was one slick woman. On Thursday I went to the Kings Of Carnaby Brunswick Store Launch. A new pair of Sequin Shoes coupled with Melbourne's unpredictable weather, I somehow managed to survive the night (and so did the shoes).

Sidebar | SHOP will be online this week. It has been a while. Once August hits you'll see what I've been working on.

I'm holding out for a chance. A Moment, an Opportunity. 
As an Aquarius this is a hard task. Holding out that is. Waiting.
I want to use my ambition and work to my strengths.
I just need the chance.

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Sequin Happy

The Sequin. How such a small shiny little metallic disc can be so complex. Add sequins all over a classic dress shoe like how Dolce & Gabbana have done and you've got a masterpiece. I'm not going to lie I'm beginning to collect sequined shoes...and the like. Remember my sequined Derby Shoes in Sequince Overload? Both from the Fall 2011 Collection, they just speak to me and they're also a fun way to play up a minimal or formal outfit. Black Sequins with a silver back for dramatic effect. Heaven to my ears.

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Kings Of Carnaby Brunswick Street Store Launch




Last night I went to the Launch Party for the new Kings Of Carnaby Store. Located on Brunswick Street the store is in the heart of the area surrounded by the of Brunswick's restaurants and bars. Guests enjoyed live Music, Carnaby Cupcakes and an array of Beverages from Fruity Rekorderlig to Acai 28 Energy Drinks. Kings Of Carnaby stock both Womens and Menswear with their current A/W 2012 Collection offering everything from Rich Tartans, Aztec Prints, Sequin Collars and Leather. Be sure to check out the new store @ 338 Brunswick Street, Melbourne. Alternatively check them out online here.

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Style Diary | Mickey

Topman Sweater + H&M Jeans + Unif Hellraisers + MARTAN DIY Clutch + Topman Earrings + Dior Fahrenheit 

An oldie, but definitely a goodie. Having a wardrobe cram full of clothes I tend to forget about some pieces, take this Mickey Mouse Sweater for instance. It was one of my first purchases in Edinburgh when I was living overseas and I wore it a lot. Two years on having found it again its now a very fond piece in my day to day wardrobe again. Casually worn with Waxed Jeans, Hellraisers and a Minimal Clutch. Who doesn't like Mickey? Honestly?    

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Mugler Spring/Summer 2013

Cutouts and Sharp Lines were presented at Mugler's Spring/Summer 2013 show in Paris. Square Shoulders and Exaggerated Pocket details gives dimension to the Black and White collection. I get a Dion Lee-esque vibe with the dramatic cutouts. And I've been preaching for a menswear equivalent for a while now. I wouldn't mind one of those sharp jackets. Very minimal but that sharp square silhouette it amazing.


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Eating | Peppermint Tea, Mexican and more Tea
Listening | Diana Krall, Lana Del Rey & Karise Eden
Watching | Hysteria & Celebrity Juice 

Whilst rekindling my love for peppermint tea I spent the bulk of last week organising my life, getting it all in an order of sorts. Working with the my resources and to coin Tim Gunn ' I made it work'. I'm making the most out of my busy July. A lot of cold photoshoots and pricking myself with the numerous studded items I own but it'll all be worth it. Contrary to my excitement to see The Dark Knight Rises, I am yet to see it. Though come Tuesday night that will be rectified. Magic Mike comes out this week. I'm just going to put it out there. I'll be a cinema junkie this week. 

Last Thursday I went to the opening of the new Saxony Store in QV. Unlike other Saxony stores the layout is very much like a gallery, still retaining the Saxony look with black floors and concrete walls it is an impressive store layout featuring a graphic photography installation by James Whitlow Delano. Trying to practice the art of saving I viewed the entire collection in store, having a few pieces in mind for a future purchase. They stock some great pieces, sharp and black. Be sure to check the store out.

You know the saying 'Never look back'... well I looked back last week. My past, the memories, the hair and the terrible lack-there-of style. Though I don't like to look back it is nice to see where I've come from, and where I want to go. The content that we create is what fills in who we are. By looking back occasionally you realise what you've accomplished, making moving forward less scary and unknown.

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